This guide will show you some very simple steps to start using Facebook, specifically how to post on Facebook.

Step 1: Logging in

Firstly log into your profile using the email address and password that you used to set up your account.

Step 2: Posting on Facebook

At the top of the page you will see a window that asks “What’s on your mind?” click in this box to begin typing your post.

click on whats on your mind to add a post

You can add a number of extra things to your post to make it more personal or to give more information. For instance you might want to share an image such as a photograph of where you were when you posted.

personalise your post by sharing a photograph

Step 3: Adding an image to your Facebook post

To add an image to your post click on Photo/Video (see our How to upload photos to Facebook guide) You can add a number of images or just one.

To add more than one image click on the box with a plus sign.

click on the plus sign to add a new photo to your post

Step 4: Check-in your location

Next tell your friends where you were when you took the photo or made the post. Click on Check in and start typing your location. Facebook will make suggestions based on your location or places that you have said you have been recently.

If there is no suggestion for your location just type in the name of the place (for instance you could type “My Garden”).

Facebook will make suggestions when you type our location

Step 5: Tell your friends how you feel

You may wish to give people more information about how you were feeling at the time you posted -to do this click on Feeling/Activity and a range of emoticons will display. Choose which image best describes how you were feeling when you made the post.

you may wish to tell people how you are feeling, you can do this by clicking an emoticon

Step 6: More information on posting

If you had people with you and they are friends with you on Facebook you can include their names in your posts. To do this click on Tag Friends – a list of all your Facebook friends will come up. Click on the ones that you want to include and your post will appear with the words “with….” and the name of the person or people you have chosen to tag. Remember however that many people chose to set their privacy settings to not allow people to tag them in posts or on photographs and if this is the case their name will not appear in your list.

Once you have created a post that you are happy with and included as much or as little information as you want then it is time to decide who you want to see the post. The most common setting is Friends.

If everything is the way that you want it click on Post and you are done!

We hope that this guide has helped you get started with Facebook, why don't you check out our other Facebook guides in the next steps links below.