All you need to know about Microsoft's Windows 10.

Windows 10 logo


You’ll hear this word used constantly in association with computers.

Windows 10 is a PC operating system by Microsoft.

Learn how to get to grips with the Windows 10 Start menu, plus other basic features and functions.

Learn about the key new features unique to Windows 10 — Microsoft's latest operating system for PCs.

Windows 10 contains many all-new features not available in Windows 8. Read on for a summary of those key differences.

Set things up in Windows 10 to look and feel exactly as you want

Accessing Windows 10 requires having a Microsoft account — here's how to make sure you're all set up and able to access its functions

A run-through some of the key features found in Microsoft Edge

Understand how to log in to Windows in new ways via Windows Hello

Find and install apps with ease in the new Windows store

Cortana is a clever little personal assistant that helps you to find things, complete tasks and organise your calendar

When you first install or use Windows 10 it will have the default privacy settings, as with any new computer application you should review these to make sure you are happy with the information that is being shared.

Making Windows more accessible for people with disabilities

A comprehensive guide to Microsoft Windows accessibility features for those with visual impairment, hearing loss, neurodiversity, learning difficulties, mobility disabilities.

Navigating Windows 10 using a keyboard

Being able to use the keyboard to open programmes or quickly scroll between applications can save time, this guide works through lots of time saving tips.