"I speak to my daughter in Australia and it doesn't cost me a thing.  We have webcams, too, so we can see each other.  It's almost as good as being together."

Skype is a fantastic free computer program that enables people to speak to each other for free over the internet. It's also possible to use Skype to make cheap calls to a landline or mobile telephone. Our step-by-step guides will have you up and running on Skype in no time.

What is Skype?

A simple definition, plus a summary of Skype’s key features and benefits.

How to download Skype

Quick and easy tutorial on downloading Skype. You'll be up and running in no time!

How to find Skype contacts

Find out how to add a friend, relative or colleague to your Skype contact list.

How to make a Skype call

Here we’ll show you how to use your computer to ring one of your Skype contacts.

How to use Skype IM (Skype Chat)

This lets you chat to your Skype contacts via instant text messages and is a handy way of sending a document, picture or link.

How to buy Skype credit

By adding credit to your Skype account, you can make cheap calls to landline telephones and abroad.

How to Skype a landline

This isn’t free but it’s a lot cheaper than the rates charged by most phone companies, especially if you’re calling abroad.

What is VoIP?

An clear explanation of this commonly-used jargon.

How to install Skype with Windows 8

Calling far-flung friends and family for free using your computer is easy with Skype. Find out how to install it on your Windows 8 computer.

How to use Skype on Windows 8

Using Skype is a great way to stay in touch for free. Use our guide to find out how to use Skype on the new-look Windows 8.

How to launch the Skype app in Windows 10

Skype (which is now owned by Microsoft) is available in Windows 10 as a built-in app.

How to call friends and family on Skype using an iPhone

Skype is a quintessential video-calling app available on iOS, Android and PCs.

How to download and use Skype for Android phones

Skype is the biggest VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service in the world, and it’s probably the easiest way to talk to your friends for free o