Tips, advice and ideas for taking your activities and interests online.

So many people have found each other online. Why not give it a try?

Online communities are web ‘forums’ or meeting places for people interested in the same topic or sharing the same experiences.

For me, technology has enhanced my work and provoked a channel shift in the way residents choose to contact me.
- Cllr David Harrington

Trace your roots and find current and ancient relatives.

A carefully chosen list of the great genealogy sites.

Besides speaking to me whilst out in the community on a daily basis or at meetings, my residents largely contact me via email, social media and Skype as I hold regular online surgeries.
- Cllr David Harrington

Get great gardening tips and meet other gardeners online.

You can order a box of locally-sourced vegetables from the comfort of your living room.

Save yourself from the hassle of wonky trolley wheels and long queues.

Many people now find that playing the National Lottery (Lotto) online is much easier than travelling to a shop to write out a ticket. Find out how to get started.

Find out how to enter prize draws plus tips for success.

Check for sun, snow or showers from the comfort of your home.

StreetLink enables members of the public to alert local authorities and street outreach services in England and Wales about people they have seen sleeping rough.

No need to take a punt on your next purchase. Product review websites carry reviews by real people and, in some cases, independent experts, as well as price comparison information.