The Kindle Fire (now known as the Fire or Fire HD) is Amazon’s answer to Apple’s iPad tablet tabletcomputer. Unlike the E-ink Kindle, which is designed for reading text-based media like books, newspapers and some blogs, the Fire is aimed at helping people consume TV programmes, movies and music.

Essentially based on Google’s Android operating system, but modified so that it is unrecognisable from the search giant’s mobile phone software, the Fire can only play content that has been purchased from Amazon’s online store. There are also thousands of apps and games available for the device.


Cloud power

As with Apple’s iCloud, the Fire uses cloud storage for content purchased for the device. This basically means that you access your content via wireless internet connection instead of it being stored on the device’s hard drive. This keeps the cost of the device down, and means you no longer need to worry about running out of space to save your favourite movies, TV shows, apps and music.

The Fire’s internet browser is also powered by cloud technology, which essentially means that it uses the power of Amazon’s network of computers to help speed up your web surfing.



The Fire HD is a member of the Amazon Fire family of tablet computers. The eight generation family consists of: 7" (2012 model), 8.9" (2012 model), 7" (2013 model), 6" & 7" (2014 models), 8" & 10.1" (2015 models), 8" (2016 model), 8" & 10.1" (2017 models), 8" (2018 model), 10.1" (2019 model). These devices run the Fire OS operating system. Models currently available and supported are the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10.


Key features and benefits of the Amazon Fire

  • Amazon’s new Fire HD 10 tablet costs half as much as an iPad.
  • It has a decent screen, great battery life and has new charging technology.
  • It’s perfect for watching movies, reading books, listening to Audible or using Amazon’s other services.
  • Amazon offers Fire models designed specifically for kids, with the Amazon Fire 7, HD8 and HD10 all available in kid-friendly forms.
  • Internal storage: Amazon allows you to use a micro SD card to expand storage space, and cheaply too.


Last updated 10th June 2020