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Good digital skills! Help someone learn a new digital skill this holiday.

And you'll be giving them something that will help them all year round.

We know...

  • people need good digital skills or they're excluded from society
  • 1 in 4 won't use devices without continued support
  • 72% of people want face-to-face help to learn new digital skills
  • it's the hook that matters: people aren't driven to "get new digital skills", they want, for example, to learn to video call their family or book something online or find out more about a specific subject

So if you have a bit more time over the holidays and maybe you're with people who don't have such great digital skills, this is the perfect season to help someone - to find out what the hook or the hold-up is and help them with it. 

Maybe it's something connected to the holiday - we've got lots of Christmas-themed guides, from saving money to virtual parties and using technology to stick with New Year's Resolutions. Maybe they've been given a new piece of kit and need help setting up a new device. You're not trying to teach them coding or rocket science - and if you're worried about your teaching skills, here's our top tips for teaching someone.  Happy Holidays!


Free Technology Guides

If Christmas isn't the hook your learner needs, browse our guides to find one that is! 

What do we do?

Find out how we can help you run successful digital inclusion programmes. 

What is Digital Inclusion

Why does it matter? And what can be done about it? We've pulled together some great resources.