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Last year we upgraded the Digital Champions Network to a new platform, built with Learning Pool. By January 2023, we had migrated all our existing clients over and had new ones joining. Here's an interim report on how it's going so far.  

The new platform has made us think about what we do in new ways. We've become complete Measuring & Evaluation evangelists as we monitor and improve what we do. We only have 6 months of data from the new platform and though we can refer back to the old one, that's not always measuring like-for-like because the new platform does different things, in different ways. So we're still working out what best to measure - and what will help us most. But so far the headlines are encouraging:

  • Digital Champion learning is up by 7%
  • Project Manager activity is up by 14%
  • Champions using the platform to log learner support is up by 30%.
  • The Digital Essentials Courses have a 98% approval rate

And we can easily see the break-down of our clients growing sector by sector with the following on board in Q2.

  • Charities: 22
  • Local Authorities: 22
  • Social Housing providers: 7
  • Health: 11
  • Corporate: 6

Some things aren't so straight-forward...

  • “Using your role to help get customers online” is the one of least completed courses, but ranks very highly  for feedback". Why?
  • The Project Managers don't make lots of use the toolkit, but their newsletter has very high opening/ click rates. Why do they engage with one and not the other?
  •  Champion meet-ups about new devices and accessibility were very well attended but ones about Teams were not. Why not? 

We're going to think about these and other questions thrown up the new platform! By the end of the year, we'll have four full quarters of activity to look back on and we'll report on how it's going. 

In the meantime, here's the full report


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