Courses to train Digital ChampionsAn independent evaluation of our Digital Champions Network has shown that a resounding 97% of Digital Champions would recommend its training. Over 80% also agreed that the Network’s courses and resources has made them better at helping others with digital skills.

The evaluation was conducted over 2 years by Sara Dunn Associates as part of One Digital, the national Lottery Community Fund digital skills programme. The final report was published in November 2019.

More than 6,000 course feedback forms from 1,400 Champions were scrutinised along with 1,350 Digital Champion surveys and qualitative telephone interviews.  Key findings showed that:

  • 97% of Digital Champions would recommend their Network course to others.
  • Over 80% of DCs agreed that doing the training will help them become better Digital Champions.
  • After six months of using the Network, 88% would recommend it to other people wanting to improve their Digital Championing skills.
  • The range and depth of resources available on the Network was the main reason Digital Champions used the platform.

Digital Champions say the Network helps their confidenceThere was also a clear increase in the self-rated skills levels of Digital Champions from using the Network. Before starting just over a third rated themselves as having a ‘high’ or ‘very high’ level of skills in being a DC. After six months on the Network, this rose to over two thirds who rated their skills levels as ‘high’ or ‘very high’.

With its courses, resources and mentor support, many Digital Champions cited the Network as giving them a great place to start with their teaching and providing lots of practical ideas and tools to use.

“I have done the Essentials course and what I liked about it was the signposting to loads of useful resources which I had no idea about. I also like the information about how to make learners feel comfortable, how to pace a session. Those kinds of general training skills as they apply to digital skills support, that was useful and new.”

“For me when I am supporting a learner, I use the DCN materials a lot. I work through things with people – very often it is to do with setting up emails – and I use the handouts to leave with people because they need a takeaway and a reminder, otherwise when you see them again the next time they have usually forgotten it all. So I have a pack of things I take with me to every session and there are lots of DCN materials in there.”

Kathy Valdes, Managing Director at Digital Unite said: “Our award-winning Network has been developed and refined over the past seven years to ensure it is helping staff and volunteers feel able to provide effective digital skills support to others. It now boasts over 20 courses, hundreds of resources, CPD accreditation and tailored learning pathways. This significant and independent endorsement of the Network, by the people it is designed for, highlights the impact it offers any digital skills programme.”

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