Milton Keynes Council has become the latest member of Digital Unite’s Digital Champions Network.

Following their successful receipt of funding from the Local Government Association’s Digital Experts Programme the Council will be using the Network to help residents with the impact of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit.

Digital Unite’s Digital Champions Network is a flexible online platform that provides Digital Champion training and a support community for people who go through that training. It provides a range of essential e-learning courses, a moderated peer-to-peer forum, hundreds of resources and data tracking mechanics for programme evaluation.

Lisa Bailey, Operations Manager, Connect MK team said: “With claims for Universal Credit and applications for other services being required to be made online, the need for digitally enabled citizens has never been greater. Becoming part of the Digital Champions Network will enable us to create a team of effective volunteers who are active in our local communities and who can really help to support a new digital culture in Milton Keynes.”

Kathy Valdes, Managing Director at Digital Unite said: “We are delighted to welcome Milton Keynes Council to the Digital Champions Network. As Universal Credit becomes a reality and the challenges of its implementation unfold, more and more local authorities are looking for ways to support their customers with this new digital approach to benefits. Having access to local and trained Digital Champions can make a lasting difference to those without basic online skills, not least they can help them understand that being online is so much more than just filling out a form.”

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