Digital Unite has released new CPD accredited online training to help organisations and their teams deliver successful Digital Champion programmes and build capability for digital transformation.

Available as part of Digital Unite’s Digital Champions Network (DCN) the bite-sized courses, entitled SHAPE, provides invaluable advice and support on how to run a Digital Champion project/programme, boosting both the success of the project and the confidence and knowledge of the person responsible for delivering it.

Creating staff and community Digital Champions, who can cascade support to others, is now an important way of developing organisational capacity for a digital first approach. The way these Champions are engaged and supported internally depends on the skills and knowledge of a ‘Digital Inclusion’ Officer. With organisations often grappling with complex digital transformation challenges, these Officers can feel unsure about what to do.

Using insight from other Network members including local councils and housing providers, the new courses cover aspects such as project planning, gaining internal support, finding and recruiting Digital Champions and maintaining momentum.

Badges for the Project Manager coursesComplete with professional verification through CPD accreditation and Mozilla Open Badges, the training is also supported by an extensive range of practical resources including key messages, templates and editable promotional literature.

The courses complement the DCN’s existing project management tools which enable organisations to monitor, report on and evaluate their own Digital Champions directly. 

The five SHAPE courses are:

  1. Sowing the Seeds… How a successful Digital Champion project starts in a small way. Covers how a Digital Champion project can make a real difference to learners and Champions, what a good Digital Champion project looks like and some simple steps for getting going.
  2. Having a Plan – How to develop your Digital Champions project. Covers how to plan a Digital Champion project, how to gain internal buy in for the project plan, gaining internal buy-in, setting goals for the project and measuring success
  3. Actively Recruiting: Recruiting, training and building relationships with Digital Champions Covers how to recruit, train and build relationships with Digital Champions and ways of helping DCs manage their activities day-to-day.
  4. Promoting and Supporting - Helping your Champions to help learners. Covers understanding how to match Digital Champions with learners, supporting Digital Champion to promote themselves and motivating them to record learning activity.
  5. Excellent Digital Championing – How to maintain the project’s momentum. Covers finding new opportunities both for Champions and learners and understanding the importance of promoting case studies and sharing success stories.

Kathy Valdes, Managing Director at Digital Unite said: “Running a Digital Champion project can be an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved and can make a significant difference to the digital skills capability within an organisation. To be successful though, training and support is essential for both the Champions themselves and the team responsible for co-ordinating them. At Digital Unite we’ve worked with a wide range of organisations over the years on kickstarting and managing effective Digital Champion programmes. We’re delighted to transform this insight into structured and accredited learning that cements the project management support our Network offers.”

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