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We've got some great new features on the award winning Digital Champions Network!

The Network is already full of learning courses and resources for helping others with digital skills. But we've got two new features that make it even better...

Skills Boosts

These are new sets of resources which aren't a core part of a Champion's training, but help them boost their skills and develop in their roles as Champions. The Skills Boosts bring together the best resources from across the web, and are easily accessible from every Champion's dashboard. 

Our first Skills Boost is all about unconscious bias. It's something we all have and the resources help champions recognise their own biases and reflect on how it might affect their interactions with others. 

We'll be adding a new Skills Boost every quarter and we want feedback to make them even better! If you're a Champion on the DCN have a look and let us know what you think.



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Hubs pull together all our existing learning on a particular topic and puts it all in one place, so Champions with a specific area of interest can easily access all the relevant resources and courses.

Our first hub is for Champions working with adults with Learning Disabilities. The hub has the three principle courses on the topic, as well as a wealth of resources, including helping people with a learning disability decide if and what technology they want to use; finding appropriate, affordable kit & help with common problems. Plus it has a range of Easy Read to hand out to learners. 

Any Champion who is interested can enrol on the course, and there's a badge for completing the core courses.

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