From puppies to pointless triangles, here's our Christmas-themed digital inclusion countdown....

the holy grail of digital inclusion


Months that the super new & improved Digital Champions Network has been live! And one lovely award already!  

Big Ben


Lords a leapin' on the Government's complete failure to have a coherent digital inclusion Strategy in a damning House of Lords report.

digital champions running a session


How many years (nearly) the Spire Cafe Digital Drop-in has been going. Thanks Brian & Linda for running and Clarion Futures for funding!

computer key saying save money!


The return on every £1 invested in digital inclusion, with a potential £1billion in savings for GPs surgeries alone.

man head on laptop


people who don't have Foundation level Essential Digital Skills to thrive in the modern world. 

digital champion volunteer

New places where Virgin Media 02 Business is taking their champion volunteering, making it 9 in total.

xmas robots


Xmas themed tech guides. From sending e-cards to setting up new devices.



New puppies at DU this December. Which is why everything is a bit behind schedule. This is Emma's in a Teams meeting.

digital champion and 2 learners


What it costs to get someone digitally included via standard DCN membership! 

pointless triangle


Sides to the "pointless triangle". Devices are pointless without data which is pointless without digital skills. You need all three to thrive in the modern world.  

lots of smiley people at a meeting


How old Get Digital West Cumbria is going to be!  This ESG/ social impact project is now going for another year and we couldn't be more happy to start on doubling its impact.

ladies laughing


1-2-1. How people with poor digital skills want to be helped, face-to-face, by a person, ideally someone they know. This Christmas, if you've got some spare time, why not help someone you know with a new digital skill?

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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