Christmas ballsIt wouldn’t be Christmas without a festive look at the work we do, and what better perspective could we take than a celebration of our inspirational Digital Champions.

With over 2,400 currently being trained and supported in our Digital Champions Network we have got to know quite a few!

Please join us in raising a glass of good cheer to this awesome band of Merry Digital Champions who are inspiring and helping people all over the UK to enjoy life online every day.

  1. Digital Champions just like helping people.  In a recent independent evaluation of our Network of Champions over 80% of Digital Champions say the most valuable aspect of the role is the satisfaction of helping others. Even better this satisfaction makes them feel happy too. As Digital Champion Sandra says, ‘You get an awful lot in return’.
  2. They can be anyone. From students to housing officers, part time workers to volunteers, Digital Champions come from all different backgrounds. One housing provider recognised this when they started their Digital Champion programme, putting their collective enthusiasm to good use.  Read CHP's story here.
  3. They are active members of their local community. It’s not just about digital skills support, often Digital Champions are instrumental in helping to create support networks that local people rely on.  Caspar’s story is one inspiring example.
  4. They make a big difference in a short space of time. Swetha had only just moved to England from India when she became a Digital Champion. In just four months she had helped dozens of local people with being online.  Read her story.
  5. They make great colleagues. Jane is a Digital Champion at Blackpool Victoria Hospital. She has been busy setting up 6 week computer courses for staff to join at lunchtimes and in the evening and has engaged fellow colleagues as Digital Champions too.  Jane explains more here.
  6. They are great mentors too!  Many of our Digital Champions go on to support other people to be Champions. Take John for example. As well as helping hundreds of learners he also recruits and mentors new Digital Champions too!  
  7. They are compulsive problem solvers. Quite simply there is no question Digital Champions won’t try and help someone with. From Fitbits to Photoshop every session is different. Read Peggy’s story here.
  8. They use their Digital Champion experience wisely. Phil became a Digital Champion whilst looking for work and the confidence it gave him helped him find a brand new job. Here, Phil explains more.
  9. They like the opportunities to train and learn. Despite being a primary school headteacher Duncan knew he still had much to learn when it came to helping people with digital skills. With some dedicated training and support he now helps job seekers improve their computer knowledge. Click here for Duncan's story.
  10. They learn as they teach too. Bill is a Digital Champion in Waltham Forest.  When asked to help a learner who was recovering from a stroke that had left him largely paralysed and with severe memory problems, Bill successfully rose to the challenge
  11. They change people’s lives. Doreen was 90 years old. Her eyesight had deteriorated badly through macular degeneration. Digital Champion David helped her set up and use smart speaker technology so she could listen to audiobooks, make shopping lists and manage appointments. In short it changed Doreen’s life.
  12. They think that lots of other people could be Digital Champions too. Says David who has been a Digital Champion for 10 YEARS; “You don’t need a degree in computing to be able to help others, you just need a genuine interest in learning and working things out for yourself. Most people who come along are nervous or intimidated by computers, so taking time to talk to them makes a real difference to their confidence.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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