Picture of a lady having an online consultation with a doctorIn a Covid-era, when being able to use technology and the internet is vital, around 160 Digital Health Champions have been supporting patients with developing essential digital skills.

18 health organisations are involved in an initiative led by NHSX to train and support staff and volunteers as Digital Health Champions. Across the UK, from the North East to the South West, these Champions have helped over 230 people so far with managing their health and wellbeing online.

And the help that learners have needed has been wide ranging, including:
  • Using Microsoft Teams to access virtual rehabilitation sessions
  • Accessing Covid passes
  • Booking online doctors’ appointments
  • Downloading and using the NHS app
  • Ordering repeat prescriptions
  • Using Google Maps to plan the journey from home to a surgery
  • Finding reliable health information

"I helped some patients register for MyWay Diabetes portal. People say they feel stupid because they can't do something. They are so grateful for support and encouragement." Helen, Digital Health Champion, Sparks Somerset

The home page of the Digital Health Champions NetworkAll of the Health Champions have been using our Digital Health Champions Network to build their confidence and knowledge to help others. The Network is an online training and support platform for anyone who wants to be a Digital Health Champion. It offers a broad range of e-learning courses and resources on providing essential skills support including specific courses on digital health. 97% of Health Champions would recommend their Network training, with 89% saying it has helped them a lot with helping others.

“It enabled me to revisit information and refresh my memory and to ensure that the information I give to clients is accurate, relevant and up to date”.  Andrew, Digital Health Champion, London

Join the Digital Health Champions Network for free!

Now, as part of an extension to this NHSX programme, health organisations in England are invited to join the Digital Health Champions Network for free until May 2022. This limited offer is open to any organisation who wants to help people improve their health and wellbeing through digital technology.

Click here for more information. Or get in touch with the Digital Unite team at du@digitalunite.com

Some of the current members of the Digital Health Champions Network include:

  • Sparks Somerset (VCFSE)
  • Bristol Libraries
  • Cornwall Council PPGs
  • SEL Lambeth
  • SEL Bexley
  • Derby & Burton (UHDB)
  • Ace Anglia Ltd
  • Autism Bedfordshire
  • Learning Disability & Autism Project
  • Deaf & BAME (VCFSE)

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