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Want to do something good? Learn new skills and make new friends? Be part of one of our longest running Digital Champions programme.

Our friends at Clarion Futures have been working with us for more than a decade on projects to deliver digital skills training. They have opportunities across the country to get involved. It’s incredibly rewarding, you get free training and a professional skills qualification and through Clarion, you’ll get extra support with your Digital Champion-ing.


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JR's Story

This case study shows the huge impact a little help can have. Digital Champion support is totally life changing.

“I had a good experience a while ago now where a person had come to the Digital Champion group not knowing a lot about his laptop after a couple of weeks he asked about Facebook and that his daughter in Canada wanted to talk to him on video calls.

We worked together with him doing the work on his laptop and making notes as we went, and I could see that he was getting very excited at the prospect of seeing his daughter and her family in Canada on the video calls. We eventually got it all set up and he wanted to make contact straight away he couldn't wait till he got home. We talked about taking into account the time differences and he knew that it was early evening in Canada, so we then went through the process again making sure his notes were all good and he just hit the video sign in the top of the chat box.

It turned out his daughter was in and was just going to have a chat as they normally did and she was really surprised and of course very happy they could see each other. He explained that I had been helping him and I also had a few words with her myself explaining the Digital Champions scheme to her. She thanked me and I turned the laptop back to her Dad. This was getting very emotional for them both and a few tears were shed and I moved away so they could enjoy the call.

This to me is what its all about helping others with the knowledge of how to do things with the technology that we have these days. Helping this gentleman make contact with his family in a better way was very gratifying and really sums up why I do the Digital Champions role.

When you get that little surprised look of happiness that really makes me feel that I have made a difference to someone's technology experience and knowledge also gives me a great buzz.

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