Being able to use the internet does make us feel more connected and less lonely according to a whopping 91% of our online community members who took part in our latest poll, with 7% disagreeing and 2% being unsure.

This result definitely concurs with some of Digital Unite’s other research which we carried out last year among those over 55s who had been using the internet for five years or less. Nearly two thirds (63%) of those we asked said being online can help to reduce feelings of loneliness and nearly three-quarters (72%) thought it can help reduce feelings of isolation.

Of course, nothing is a replacement for human contact as one of our community members rightly pointed out. A phone call or meet up can warm the soul like nothing else. But as our lives become more disparate and our friends and family become more widespread being online can definitely help to maintain and even strengthen those connections. Indeed referring once again to our survey last year, well over half (57%) said they were now better in touch with friends and family because of using the internet.

So tomorrow, as you send an email, use Skype and check Facebook spare a thought for those millions, yes millions, of people still unaware of how great being online can be and who just need a little support to do so. A travesty? We think so and that’s why here at Digital Unite, we’ve been helping others now for sixteen years to learn about and use digital technology.

But enough about us…our latest poll is asking if you shop online and why. Click here to join in the discussion today.



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