With digital and housing high on the political agenda, the Greater London Authority has confirmed that four key recommendations made by the Connected Housing Initiative (CHI) will be included in briefing materials for the next Mayor of London. 

The recommendations are:

  1. Reduce mobile data charges for accessing key public services online
  2. Connect private sector donors of equipment with local digital inclusion support providers
  3. Promote affordable internet access and equipment alongside public services
  4. Work with connectivity and infrastructure partners to extend public internet access

Building on our success, the CHI has also just launched a sector-wide survey about the challenges facing Digital Inclusion and what priorities are needed going forward, with promotion of the survey supported by the National Housing Federation.

Tim Dumbleton, Chair of the CHI, said:  “The CHI highlights the value of working in partnership, finding solutions both in and out of the housing sector. We hope our work for Digital Inclusion will influence and encourage collaboration across the sector and beyond.”

The CHI is a group of 13 housing associations who are working with the Government Digital Service, National Housing Federation and Digital Unite to enable internet access for all social housing residents. See more here.

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