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(well, nearly a decade...). Brian and Linda Dove are stepping down from running the Spire Drop-in digital skills sessions after nearly 10 years. They helped hundreds of learners and they will be much missed.  

As a part of Clarion Futures' long running digital inclusion initiative, Brian and Linda have worked with a "talented and dependable" team of volunteers to make a big impact.Linda says "we will miss being Digital Champions and have been grateful for Digital Unite’s support, but after 10 years it is time for a change. The sessions will continue being run by a fellow Digital Champion, Liam Dasey, with a band of volunteers.

Recently we were delighted to have had our sessions recognised by Central Sussex Rotary and for winning the MSDC Stronger Communities Award in 2019. However, our greatest reward has been from giving older people the confidence to use their computer equipment in their everyday lives."

Before they left, we asked them about how the sessions had developed and their advice for making them successful.

We'd like to thank them for all their hard work and wish them all the very best! 

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Clarion Futures are looking for new volunteers. You need okay digital skills but you don't need to be a technical wizard! Good listening skills are more important and the best Champions are often those who know what it's like to be confused by technology!

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