The London Borough of Hackney has become the newest member of Digital Unite’s Digital Champions Network (DCN4H) as they aim to help more of their residents to get online.

The Digital Champions Network is a flexible online platform that provides training and support for people who already have digital skills and who can help others to use the internet. It currently has over 700 Digital Champions across the UK and membership includes housing providers, local authorities and national and regional organisations. This digital inclusion solution includes structured and self-study e-learning courses on how to help and inspire new learners to use the internet and peer-to-peer support via a friendly, moderated forum. All of the courses are linked to Mozilla Open Badges, enabling Digital Champions to capture their accomplishments in a lifelong nationally recognised online portfolio. Access to 44 downloadable resources and 400 online guides provides the essential teaching toolkit and all of the learner activity on the ground can be tracked and evaluated. Moreover the DCN4H is a fast-growing community of organisations who are all now collaborating on the issue of digital inclusion, sharing best practice, resource, vision and possibility. 


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