Aspire logo - training and support for people with learning disabilitiesAs part of Learning Disabilities Week (14 – 19 June 2021), we’re delighted to be recognising over 20 adults with learning disabilities and their supporters who have used their creativity to help others with digital skills.

Over the past few months, these brilliant volunteers from purpleSTARS, WEL Enterprise and Tower Project JET have got involved with our new Aspire Network, an online platform that helps adults with learning disabilities develop digital and workplace skills.

Adults with learning disabilities receiving their Aspire certificateWorking with Rix Research and Media, several of them have contributed to our new course on using Zoom. They shared their experiences, challenges and needs with using e-learning, helping us to create a highly interactive and easy-to-follow training tool with their seal of approval.

Many have also taken part in the training themselves, becoming confident Aspire Champions who can help their peers improve their essential digital skills and build their own knowledge and experience along the way.

Yesterday (Tuesday 15 June) they were presented with certificates by Digital Unite and RIX to celebrate their training achievements and valuable contribution to the e-learning.

Kathy Valdes, Programme Lead at Digital Unite said: “Working with these enthusiastic and insightful volunteers on our new Aspire e-learning has been so important; helping us understand the challenges they face, the opportunities they have to share skills and the way they access our e-learning. It gives our training for adults with learning disabilities that essential quality check and user endorsement that will benefit all charities and communities who join our Aspire Network.

About Aspire

Digital Unite’s Aspire Network helps people with learning disabilities build essential digital and workplace skills. It provides e-learning and online resources to help staff, carers and volunteers confidently teach new skills to adults with learning disabilities. It also trains adults with learning disabilities to develop their own confidence and knowledge to help others. Everyone who joins Aspire is called an Aspire Champion.

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