Front page of the new course on remote skillsWith remote teaching now a key approach for digital skills support, a new online training course has been created for Digital Champions.

Available on Digital Unite’s award-winning Digital Champions Network and the Digital Health Champions Network, the course gives people the confidence and knowledge to teach someone digital skills remotely, whether that is via telephone and email or using video tools such as Zoom and Skype.

Whilst remote digital skills support became prevalent during the pandemic, it has now become an important way to help people with digital skills, particularly amongst hard-to-reach learners. 91% of organisations working with Digital Unite say they’ll be providing remote digital skills support ongoingly and 88% plan to run a mix of face-to-face and remote support into the future.

Slides from the helping others remotely courseThe 15-minute training gathers up first-hand advice on the right teaching techniques for remote support, how to run a remote session safely and how to troubleshoot problems when you’re not in the same room as your learner. And it addresses common issues such as not being able to see the learner’s screen and trying to describe an online task rather than show it in person. 

Using a mix of video, audio and interactive questions and complemented by practical resources, the course has been tested by Network users, ensuring it achieves the Digital Champion seal of approval.

“There were some really practical comments made by clients and Champions. The tips about remote access apps were very useful.” Kam, Digital Champion at Hexagon Housing

“There were lots of things I will find useful and the questions in each section were very good and challenging.”  Vicky, Digital Champion at Rural Action Derbyshire

For more information on the course and being part of our Digital Champion Networks email Kathy at or call 0800 228 9272.

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