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A new One Digital Infographic has been released today (11 February 2016) that shows how Digital Champions can have real impact in helping people to get online.

In today’s digital inclusion landscape, those who aren’t online are now becoming harder to engage and need personal long-term support. Indeed 77% of those offline cite lack of interest as their main barrier² and 26% of computer beginners do not use their new digital skills without ongoing help³.

With 81% of learners rating their Digital Champion support as good or excellent⁴ and 9 out of 10 Digital Champions saying they made a difference to getting people online⁵,  Digital Champions who are trained and supported can have a huge positive effect in engaging people with today’s digital society. 

The infographic has been created as part of the new One Digital programme which is a unique collaboration between Age UK, the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations, Citizens Online and Digital Unite with its partners Affinity Sutton and AbilityNet.


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