28th June, 2018 by Katharinet

“We have been impressed by Digital Unite’s work for many years and also envious of the training."

Coffee Pot Computing is a group of volunteers who offer support to Eastbourne residents aged 50+ to enable them to get to grips with modern technology and keep in touch with family and friends. They joined our Digital Champions Network as part of the Lottery funded One Digital programme.

"Absolute beginners are our specialty, there are no formal lessons and no booking is required, we work at the learner’s pace focussing on their priorities, whenever they come to see us.  This could be anything from simply how to set up a brand new iPad, or how to create a Facebook account to booking a foreign holiday; Skyping a relative in Australia  or coping with “forgotten” passwords. We’ve even helped to sort out how to control a “smart” sewing machine and welcome every challenge!

"Over the years the entry level device has changed from desktop or laptop to tablet and smartphone.  These devices are so much easier for older people to learn to use and much lighter to carry too. 

"We hold two morning sessions each week, at two separate venues for which we make a modest charge.  Our volunteers are also of “mature” years, and our learners value our relaxed, friendly and non-threatening environment, where a social chat over a cup of coffee can be as beneficial as any computer lesson!

“Our volunteers are now signed up to the Digital Champions Network and using the courses and resources. We never know what we will be asked next so having access to such a wide range of teaching materials and support that is up-to-date has been invaluable for our team and the people they are helping.”


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