15th March, 2012 by Emma

Spring Online is a week long campaign, which will run from April 23rd – 27th, during which hundreds of people and organisations run digital taster sessions for local older people. Digital Unite supports those event holders, promotes the campaign through national and local media, provides event holder packs, the opportunity to win prizes – even balloons – so that Spring Online week has a truly festival feel. We’ve been running this campaign for 11 years now, and last year won an Award for Building a Networked Nation through it (Nominet).

Why not get involved too? Here are three simple things you could do:

  1. Run an event – it’s easy, and it’s fun. You don’t need to be an IT professional. We’ve done all the planning work for you – just go to www.springonline.org.uk and browse through the Event Holders area, the On the Day area to see how full of practical advice and ideas it is. Remember you must register your event to get an event holder pack – and so that people who may want to come can find you!
  2. Support an event – if you can’t or don’t fancy running your own event, why not help out at someone else’s? Find Spring Online events near you  and get in touch. Note events are being added all the time, so if there’s not one listed now, have another look next week.
  3. Tell someone you know who might enjoy attending an event about Spring Online. Use the website to give them information about what’s on near them.

See, easy. I am running an event myself; Spring Online events are just great, great fun, you get to chat, explore things online together, meet new people.

I love the sound of the event in Brenda’s cowshed.  And the Girl Geeks and WI event looks great fun too 

In fact, can I just recommend you browse the events as they are registered if you want to be inspired – they are all tremendous and all being run with vim and vigour and imagination.  Go on, join in!