When helping others to develop their digital skills remotely, safety can feel like an intimidating issue. Fears around safety are often the biggest barrier to getting online and there are lots of other questions to think about too.

What do Digital Champions need to think about in terms of their own safety? What is their duty of care to their own learner, and how does a Champion ensure that their learners are set up to be safe online?

This quick guide breaks it all down for you and gives you access to the recording and slides from our 'Safely Does It' webinar.

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Our 'Safely Does It' webinar

In this webinar, and with help from experienced Digital Unite tutor and Digital Trainer (JETS), Phil Branigan, we explore the ins and outs of safeguarding – for the Digital Champion, for the learner and beyond the actual session. 

Keeping yourself safe

Keeping your learner's data safe

What to do if you think your learner is vulnerable and in need of additional support

Setting your learner up to be safe online

Fears about online safety can be a huge barrier to being online and it’s important that your learner should be set up securely and not vulnerable to safety pitfalls.

When you first start to work with a learner, check the following with them:-

  1. Is their device’s operating system up to date?
  2. Are their security settings up to date – is their firewall on?
  3. Do they have a secure connection to the Internet?

You could get them to tell you what device and operating system they have before you have your first session, so that you are able to do a bit of research into how to run the necessary checks before your first session.

It's important to check that they are using a reputable Internet provider and not using a free, insecure network like those used in a café or library. It’s unlikely that they would be at this time but important to check nonetheless.

Helping your learner to stay safe online

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