06th October, 2015 by Katharinet

One Digital is an exciting new digital skills programme that is being delivered in collaboration by six organisations: Digital Unite, Age UK, Affinity Sutton, AbilityNet, Citizens Online and Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. (S.C.V.O).

The One Digital consortium is now looking for an experienced and first-class Evaluator to help the group measure and evaluate the programme’s effectiveness, impact and collaboration between November 2015 and December 2016. Specifically the Evaluator will help with quantifying and qualifying the agreed evaluation themes for the programme, design the relevant methodology and tools, assist with implementing the established evaluation principles and produce regular evaluation reports. This is a great opportunity to be part of a pioneering digital inclusion programme that seeks to establish a self-perpetuating and sustainable Digital Champion model so that all partner organisations can provide long term digital skills support for a wide cross-section of society. For the full Invitation to Tender please email Emma Weston, One Digital Programme Director at emma.weston@digitalunite.com. Responses to this Tender should be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 21st October 2015. Any questions should be directed to Emma at the email address above by Friday 16th October. Responses may take up to two working days to supply and will also be collated and published online for the benefit of all tendering. Please see below for the questions received so far.  


   Questions and responses to the One Digital Evaluation ITT Q: What budget has been made available for this piece of work? 

A: One Digital would like those tendering to describe their budget requirements, given that we anticipate something in the region of 75 days work will be needed to deliver the piece (November 2015-December 2016). In responding to the ITT, we would like Evaluators to include an itemised budget including travel, out of pocket expenses and VAT.  Whilst One Digital does not necessarily look to appoint the cheapest tender part of our scoring mechanism will be value for money.  

Q: We’ve noted the estimate that the project will involve 75 days of work but wondered whether you have an actual budget in mind that you are able to tell us?  We typically staff projects involving a number of levels of staff who have different day rates so we just wanted to check we would be able to provide the requirements cost effectively.

A: In terms of budget, we want evaluators to tell us what they would cost to deliver the piece, in the structure they feel fits best.  The reason to do it this way was to try and create a more ‘open space’ in which consultancies and independent consultants could pitch, because we are aware that there may be pros and cons to both sorts of types of Evaluator. We think it is for all those tendering to demonstrate cost effectiveness, as befits their particular approach and structures.