“I believe it was completing Digital Unite’s online courses and being able to put myself forward as member of the Digital Champions Network that gave me the confidence to approach the library to offer my services and I believe that influenced their decision to take me on.”

Jeff Moore joined our Digital Champions Network as part of the One Digital funding by the Big Lottery. Since becoming a Digital Champion in December he has helped 43 learners as a Computer Buddy at Hayle library in Cornwall.

Jeff says: “I like to think that my efforts have helped people to improve not just their knowledge and understanding but actually improve their lives through the application of that knowledge. Constantly dealing with new enquiries also often requires me to research and relearn things. I very much like that teaching is a two way process that means for every session I also have worthwhile learning experience and although the learner and I will be learning different things, it is always a shared learning experience.

“The topic I teach most is introducing people to the range of online library services which includes arranging book reservations, loans and returns, Borrow Box which enables people to download audio books, accessing music, access to digital magazines and newspapers. I also help social tenants with navigating the relevant pages gov.uk website and Homechoice which is the local online service for social housing tenants.

I have found the online tools and training on the Network really informative and been pleasantly surprised by the amount of useful resources I have found through them.”

“I get a huge lift from helping people to achieve those lightbulb moments when they suddenly realise that they understand something that was previously a mystery to them.”

“Two key highlights stand out for me as a Digital Champion. A lady, who had recently learned how to keep in touch with her family and friends using Google Mail, was frustrated that she often received photos as attachments that she always had trouble viewing or finding after she had closed the original email message. This problem became more of an issue as her emails built up making specific older messages harder for her to find. I introduced her to Google Photos and Google Drive and in just a single session she learned how to save her photos to both applications, create and share albums and upload her own photos to send. She was absolutely delighted with both her new knowledge and her sense of achievement.

 “Another lady called into the library for urgent help as she was due to be flying out of the country the following day, but could not locate her boarding information and pass from the airline email that had been sent to her. On showing her how to locate the message, use the links within it, download, save and print the documentation,  she was able to access everything she required to board her flight. As you can imagine she was extremely relieved and able to look forward to her holiday.

“I would say to others who are thinking about being a Digital Champion to definitely have a go if you have the time!”

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