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More from our manifesto - how do you actually deliver DI?

The election is on us and we've got (nearly) all our manifesto up and out there. Emma's latest piece is about how you deliver on these grand plans and strategies. How do you grow the immense capacity that's needed to get everyone the skills they need.

We've got some great ideas - obviously - and they are rooted in practical experience and knowlege. We've been working in DI for more than 25 years and running the Champions Network for 10. During that time, we've learned a lot. And as part of this manifesto, we crunched some numbers and realised that in the last decade, we have...

  • trained 8,664 Digital Champions (an average of 74 Champions per month since Dec 2014).
  • who have supported 415,872 people to build their digital confidence and skills
  • and earned 23,973 Digital Badges for their training and learning
  • Our Tech Guides which support learning and training have been used 26,333,501 times.

Which is quite a lot of experience to build on!  Read Part 4: Building Capacity  about what we've learned about how to do it now! 

What do we do?

Find out how we can help you run successful digital inclusion programmes. 

What is Digital Inclusion

Why does it matter? And what can be done about it? We've pulled together some great resources.