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We believe digital inclusion is everyone's business - and it needs to be re-imagined....

As a general election gets closer, we are thinking about what needs to change to make digital inclusion a reality.

We believe that it needs to be everyone’s continuous practice, default behaviour, working assumption. It needs to be a shared endeavour. And it needs to be re-framed as investment not cost.

Emma, our CEO, has drawn up our manifesto - honing in on five things that would make the difference. We'll be publishing an article on each outlining our thinking and pointing to other resources. 

Here's the outline summary and the first article - on political leadership and will.

Please connect with Emma on LinkedIn and let us know what you think needs to happen.  If you're not on LinkedIn, email us with your thoughts.


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What is Digital Inclusion

Why does it matter? And what can be done about it? We've pulled together some great resources.