Digital Champion training for health

Developed in partnership with NHS Digital, the Digital Health Champions Network is available to health and social care bodies as well as organisations such as local councils and housing providers. The new CPD-accredited training can be accessed via Digital Unite’s award-winning Digital Champions Network and covers teaching skills, common health activities, safeguarding and accessibility.

An up-to-date bank of guides and resources with digital health websites, apps, tools and signposting information extends the Champions’ teaching and self-directed learning. Health organisations also have their own Network tools to Resources for Digital Health Championsdeliver and manage their Digital Champion activities.

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The new health Network follows research[1] that highlighted a need for having one central hub to train Digital Health Champions and co-ordinate their activities at a local level.  The study showed that, whilst Training in digital healthexisting Digital Champion initiatives in the health sector have been very effective, they are often delivered in an ad-hoc way with no consistent learning or structured sharing of information. Each initiative is also started from scratch, compromising scale, sustainability and efficiencies.

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In July 2019, Digital Unite was commissioned by NHS Digital Unite to investigate the need for a standardized, national Digital Champions for Health approach. The Discovery comprised a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodology amongst healthcare organisations and Digital Champions.