Image of webinar on a keyboardOver the last year, helping people with digital skills remotely, whether that was by telephone, Zoom or email, became essential. But supporting and inspiring people to use the internet and technology when you're not with them in person can be tricky. And throws up a whole bundle of questions and conundrums.

To help organisations, large and small, we’ve been running free remote support webinars every month since February. We've had some brilliant guest speakers, a packed house and tackled some of the biggest burning questions. We've popped each one on our website together with some handy resources, take a look ⬇.

Life after lockdown: what next for digital skills support? - 18 May 2021

So, now that restrictions are ending and doors are re-opening, what next for digital skills support? Is it all going to bounce back to face-to-face? Or has the pandemic surfaced new remote ways to help more people with digital skills? As this webinar with digital inclusion specialists, Superhighways showed, it will probably be a mix of the two. Have a listen. 

Connecting Older People - 20 April 2021

Age UK helped over 900 older people with digital skills remotely. They've learnt about what works and what doesn't when it comes to helping older people online in a global pandemic. In this webinar in April we were joined by Sarah Parkes, Project Manager at Age UK and Caroline Davies, Digital Champion at Age Cymru Dyfed to hear about their experiences over the past year and how they're making remote support a permanent part of their future.

Keeping It Safe - 23 March 2021

Whatever the post-pandemic roadmap for digital skills support, being able to help people remotely is probably here to stay. And providing that help safely and securely for everyone involved is vital. In this webinar, and with help from experienced Digital Trainer Phil Branigan and Jeni Kent at Healthwatch Islington, we explored the ins and outs of safeguarding – for the Digital Champion, for the learner and beyond the actual session

Zooming in on Zoom - 23 February 2021

When it comes to helping people with digital skills, Zoom has become the tool of choice for providing essential remote support. But how do you get started with Zoom when the people you’re trying to help have little or no technical knowledge?  And can it actually be used to run Digital Champion sessions that are safe and secure for everyone? In this webinar, we were joined by Zoom expert, Caspar Kennerdale from Clear Community Web and Kam Newman, Digital Champion at Hexagon Housing to take a closer look at this platform with practical examples, important considerations and top tips.

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