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Being online helps people stay safe, stay informed and stay connected. And when face to face support for digital skills isn't possible, help can be given remotely - via telephone, video call, email or messaging.

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Our guides and  tips on being a Remote Digital Champion will help you make a digital difference to others, whatever the distance between you. 

We also have some great webinars for you to watch, where guest speakers have shared invaluable advice based on their hands on experience of providing remote support!


Guide 1

Getting started 

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Guide 2

 Top techniques

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Guide 3

 Keeping you and your learners safe

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Guide 4

 Essential tools and techniques

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Guide 5

Setting up a device remotely

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Guide 6

Affordable ways to get online

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Using Zoom 

Guides to get you started

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Connecting older people

Guides and advice

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Plan for your first session!

What do we do?

Find out how we can help you run successful digital inclusion programmes. 

What is Digital Inclusion

Why does it matter? And what can be done about it? We've pulled together some great resources.