copyright: Christina a Get Online Week grant opened the gateway to computers and the internet for visually impaired people in Lambeth

In October 2010 Digital Unite worked with UK online centres to run a small grants scheme as part of Get Online Week. Those individuals and organisations that ran events during that week were eligible for grants of up to £1,000 to help with their digital inclusion activities.

The rollout of superfast broadband across the UK will see around 90% of the population benefitting from better and more reliable internet access by 2015. But as Digital Unite has long maintained, good connectivity is all well and good but what’s the point if many people don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to use it.

The team at Digital Unite was pleased to be part of the CHS Housing and Support Congress which took place between 12-13 July.

Here one of our team, Chris Mahoney, Digital Champion ITQ Tutor/Assessor talks about his experience there:

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Six organisations have been shortlisted for the Spring Online 2012 Best Event competition.