Good digital skills! Help someone learn a new digital skill this holiday and you'll be giving them something that will help them all year round.

We won a Learning Pool Live Award for the Digital Champions Network! We're so pleased and proud!  

(well, nearly a decade...). Brian and Linda Dove are stepping down from running the Spire Drop-in digital skills sessions after nearly 10 years. They helped hundreds of learners and they will be much missed.  

How do you get people online? And keep them there? We know you need devices, data and skills but this Get Online Week, we're rooting for one thing we think that's absolutely crucial...

It's Get Online Week and we've pulled together some of our best resources to help you help others get going with computers when they're right at the start of their digital journey.

It's #EndDigitalPovertyDay! We can’t end digital poverty in one day but it’s an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and bring individuals and organisations together to take concerted action...

Last year we upgraded the Digital Champions Network to a new platform, built with Learning Pool. By January 2023, we had migrated all our existing clients over and had new ones joining. Here's an interim report on how it's going so far.  

Here's a really interesting conversation with our Emma Weston discussing where we go next with Pauline Roche and Sweyn Hunter.

We’ve been working with corporates on digital inclusion/ CSR projects since 2019, on programmes that change and evolve with every new client. Here's five things we learnt about how companies can run employee volunteering programmes to make a real difference:

We love National Volunteers Week! It's great finding out about what volunteers are up to - and it's lovely to take the opportunity to celebrate their role.

A few things we learned from our long-running project with NHS England using Digital Champions to help people manage their health...

Want to do something good? Learn new skills and make new friends? Be part of one of our longest running Digital Champions programme.

We want to celebrate our volunteer Digital Champions! Send us a photo and win £50! 

Every quarter, we analyse the data from our planner. It is a snapshot of potential clients' priorities and helps us think about questions like...

The new report on Essential Digital Skills for Work has just been published. Nearly 60% of us can't do the 20 basic skills.There's a massive, costly digital skills gap in all sectors at all levels.

There are real benefits for both sides when public and private sector work together. At its most basic, the private sector brings people who want to help, and the public sector brings people who need help.

Local Authorities are crucial drivers of digital inclusion - and there are lots of great resources and research around at the moment targeted at them. We've pulled together some of our favourites....

2022 proved to be a big year for Digital Unite, and a pretty momentous one too. As we take a moment to reflect, here are a few special reasons why we’re celebrating the last 12 months.

Did you know? Thousands of Digital Champions have studied our courses on our Digital Champions Network and 98% would recommend them!

We were delighted to receive the Bronze Award for Best Use of Blended Learning at the Learning Technologies Awards 2022 on 16 November.

Digital Unite is working with Virgin Media O2 Business to boost digital inclusion understanding and awareness amongst their employees, as part of their national programme, Connect More.

The Lloyds Consumer Digital Index once again shines an important light on digital inclusion across the UK.  Digital is now a thread woven through almost all forms of exclusion. Making sure people can use the internet and technology so they have equitable opportunities to information, benefits and savings, especially during today’s cost-of-living crisis, is a responsibility for everyone.

New practical guides about helping people with learning disabilities to use digital technology are now available for free on our website! As one of the most digitally excluded groups in society, people with learning disabilities need help to take their first steps towards using and enjoying the internet.

​​​​​​​Join our tour at 12.30pm on Thursday 17 November to take a closer look at our new and improved Digital Champions Network.